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A leader in intuitive cooking, Claire's mission is to empower and encourage you to cook by sense and instinct (including her favorite bonus sense we all have and forget about in the kitchen: common sense.)

The daughter of a chef, her goal is to teach cooking the way she was taught: to use intuition and senses to pull together simple, everyday meals. Her biggest belief is that we don’t learn to cook, but rather learn to trust ourselves in the kitchen and the rest falls into place.

Claire grew up in the food industries of New York City and Europe. Her first culinary on-camera appearance must exist somewhere deep in the archives of ICC (then FCI) of six-year-old Claire taste-testing sugar works by Jacques Torres on his show Dessert Circus. 

She has written for international publications such as Vogue, Purewow and SAVEUR. She’s a go-to expert for MyDomaine, Culture Magazine and Byrdie. And she’s collaborated with and hosted social media content for Stylist Magazine, Cherry Bombe, The Feedfeed, Health Food, Purewow and MyDomaine. 


Claire has appeared on Heritage Radio Network’s Why Food? Podcast and as the local culinary expert on the New York City episode of Australian travel show Tasting America.


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