3 Dip Party Platter

plain yogurt





+olive oil

+spices for topping (use what you like or have. Sumac, dukkah, chopped spiced nuts, toasted fennel seeds etc. will all work)


1) The base of the whey dip and the thick labneh has to be started a day in advance. To strain the yogurt scoop some into a Melita coffee filter fitted on top of a large measuring cup. The base of the Melita sits comfortable on a 2 cup liquids measuring cup and just pop into the fridge overnight for gravity to do its work. A similar method would be to use cheesecloth (I’d suggest doubled up and lined with a paper towel) and suspending it over a measuring cup (knotting it to a wooden spoon handle and laying it across the measuring cup.)

2) Make the avocado dip in a blender or food processor. Start by adding one avocado, a spoonful or two of the plain yogurt (from the tub that isn’t being turned into labneh) and then starting with the juice of half a lemon, a handful of the top fronds/leaves of fennel, a glug of olive oil and salt and pepper, blitz, taste, and adjust until you like the taste and consistency. Top with chopped spiced nuts, dukkuh or sumac.

3) After an overnight in the fridge, split the thickened strained labneh you have in half. Serve the one half with a sprinkling of some spices (ideas given above.) Take the other half, and in a mixing bowl, whisk the whey collected in the measuring cup back into it. Add fresh herbs, salt & pepper and serve.

4) Build the board around the 3 dips and add crackers and crudités (use whatever’s in season in your area.)

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