A Holiday Cheese Board

This time of year is the best for a cheese board. Well actually, who am I kidding–any time of year is the best for a cheese board.

But there’s something extra special about the holiday season for curating a beautiful cheese board for your guests to nibble on before the meal.

This holiday season I’ve paired up with Emmi USA to show you how to build a colorful and festive cheese board. And if you want even more tips and tricks after this (or just to look at more delicious cheese recipes) head over to http://www.rothcheese.com/

All the components:

1 lb Roth Prairie Sunset (American Gouda)

1 lb Roth Grand Cru Surchoix

1 lb Roth GranQueso (a manchego style cows milk cheese)

1 lb Roth Buttermilk Blue

grapes (any color you like)

raspberries & blueberries (and throw in some strawberries if you’d like)

fresh apricots & blood oranges (or other fresh fruit)

dried fruit (apricots, cherries, figs, dates etc.)

crackers (or bread. or both.)

salami and other dried meats

roasted almonds and hazelnuts

chutney or other spread

and what to do with them:

There really aren’t too many instructions needed for this, it mostly boils down to having fun and playing around with the different colors and textures but:

Start by choosing a board, or layering a couple boards on top of each other to create levels and texture.

Arrange the wedges of cheese around the whole area so there are nice gaps that you can fill in with the supporting characters.

Play with shapes: slice and fan some of the fruit, but feel free to leave some bigger pieces so people can pick what they’d like.

Feel free to slice some of the cheese and arrange it, or break into a big wedge so people don’t feel intimidated to go at it (like with the Buttermilk Blue on this board)

Scatter berries and nuts around the board. Add the chutney or spread to a ramekin and make sure there’s a spoon there for easy serving.

Finish with stacks of crackers or slices of bread.

This post has been sponsored by Emmi USA, but all the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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