Apres-Ski Cheese Board

I’m not a skier. But I am an après skier.

I’ve gone on ski holidays just to sit in the lodge, read books, and enjoy the cozy wondefulness of après-ski food and drink.

As part of my collab with Emmi USA and celebrating Swiss cheeses that flood my brain with childhood memories (like being forced to go on school ski trips–before I was old enough to attend and appreciate the après side of things) I built this cheese board inspired by the best post-slopes snack you could ever dream of.

To check out my other holiday cheese ideas and many others, head over to www.emmiusa.com

All the components:

1-2lbs Emmi Scharfe Maxx cheese

peppadews or similar spicy pickled peppers

cornichones and pickled onions



walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts (or nuts of your choice)

salami, dried ham or similar dried meats

grapes, cherries, pomegranates, or other fresh fruit


and what to do with them:

Choose a marble or wooden cheese board, some little dishes for the olives and peppadews, and a cheese knife

Lay the wedges of cheese to anchor the board (choose a corner or two to start creating the shape)

Place the little bowls in other corners of the board to complete the shape and fill them with the different assortments of olives and other pickled veggies

Fill in the rest of the spaces with the fruit, crackers, nuts, meats and chocolate. Have fun breaking the chocolate, crackers, or bread into pieces to create texture.

This post has been sponsored by Emmi USA, but all the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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