My Great-Grandma Viola's French Toast

My great-grandmother’s recipe for french toast is unique in the fact that it only uses eggs and bread. The simple breakfast dish, absent of anything extra like cinnamon or vanilla, as so many takes on it can have, was one of the first dishes Pop learned from grandma Viola when he was young and subsequently taught me.

The process all comes back to the individual whisking of the egg whites and yolks and the careful folding of them together to create the batter. Because the whites become fluffy and light the need for milk or anything else is eliminated.

Think 1:1 ratio eggs to bread. Multiply by the people you're cooking for and their hunger levels when scaling this one up.

Bread (a couple days old is great) any type--Challah is a fave

+ eggs

+ maple syrup, or anything else you like to serve it with


1) Separate the eggs and whisk the whites until foamy and frothy but before they become a soft peak. The texture should be similar to batter.

2) In a separate bowl whisk the yolks and then pour into the whites and gently fold until the mixture is a uniform light yellow color.

3) Heat a skillet over a high flame and when hot turn down to a low/moderate heat.

4) Soak the pieces of bread in the egg mixture, pricking it with a fork and turning it over so it’s well covered with the egg mixture.

5) Cook until brown on both sides, serve hot with maple syrup and fresh fruit.

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