Sumac Chicken Salad

This is a great easy dinner. Depending on how hungry you are think anywhere from half to a whole chicken breast per person and scale up from there. Everything else can be done by sight and based on how much you want.

chicken breast



+feta (or goat’s cheese)

+lettuce (or choice)

+radishes (or anything crunchy)


+lemon juice


1) Mise it out: gather everything you need and get it out into the open on your counter (saves those mins later on when you’re searching your veggie drawer for that avo you just know you have…somewhere.) Pat the chicken breast dry and then carefully cut it in half so you have two thinner pieces (I don’t know how to better say this. Make it thinner but still keep it whole like a chicken breast looks–don’t cut it down the middle or through the radius. Can I be more confusing?) Then season both sides with salt, pepper, and sumac (or whatever spice you like or have)

2) Get your skillet over a high heat and add a splash of olive oil. Hover your hand above the oil and when your palm feels warm you know the oil is hot enough to start cooking. Add the chicken to the skillet and reduce the heat to a medium/low. Let it cook on that side until you see opaque color starting to climb up the sides. Then flip and allow the other side to cook (it’ll take a handful of minutes–you can always cut the chicken open a bit to see if it’s opaque inside.)

3) As that whole chicken cooking action is going on, slice your radish/other veg, and carefully slice open the avocado, remove the pit and cube.

4) Get your lettuce into your serving bowl/plate, arrange the radish/other veggies, add the avocado, and after you turn off the chicken (it should be done now) put it on a cutting board or plate to rest for a couple minutes (this ensures a) it won’t be beastly hot when you bite into it, but mostly b) that when you cut into it the yummy juices won’t run everywhere. You must rest your meat after cooking it so everything relaxes again.) BUT this gives you the perfect opportunity to mix some tahini in a bowl with the juice of a lemon, stirring until it becomes a creamy dressing. Add salt & pepper if you want–taste as you go. Then slice the chicken, put on top of the salad, drizzle the dressing and crumble the cheese. Oh, and then enjoy.

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